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Saints Design

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  • County Lisboa
  • Parish Estrela
  • Zone Santos (Santos-o-Velho)
  • Status New
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Development description

With unobstructed areas and unique views to the 25 de Abril Bridge and the South Bank and the charming garden of the Saints living in the Santos Design is witness the efforts dedicated to the choice of materials and equipment that will coat and protect all areas of the apartments.
The Santos Design is an innovative project and fiel the movement framed in the neighborhood. The building offers 24 spacious apartments between the T1 and T5, with parking, shopping and common spaces.
Santos is the axis of change, of contrasts. Where traditional coexists with the modern. Situated next to the River, bathed by the light reflecte of the Tagus, Santos is fertile ground for design and artistic mind. With the galleries were born, designer shops and workshops of artists and new restaurants to aglomerarem in this corner of the city, you can feel the energy and the creativity in the air.
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